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{ across a clear sky }
...drifting like an aimless cloud.

Well, it looks like it's time for you and I to have THE TALK. You're going to have to take precautions and responsibility, young man~

Kids grow up so quickly these days. I'll have to expect grandchildren at my young age, ah~ [melodramatic tear]

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Happy Holidays, everyone~ Now, now, as a traditional Christmas offering, I have presents for you all, my friends. ♥

[[ooc: If your character has been interacting with Zack or ever has interacted with him, there's a gift for you. |D So come here. Lulz.]]

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Well. Time certainly seems to fly. I'm probably going to have to stop putting down this communicator for days at a time. It's terrible. Seems like I've missed out on things already. Hmm.

Speaking of which! Where has everyone gone? All out hiding because of the snow? Hot chocolate sounds good right about now~ Perfect for winter, after all. ...hmm. Winter gets kind of nostalgic. Or maybe that's just me.

Oh, Micchan~! Did you ever find that hot spring? If not, better whip Kanda-hime into shape! I have to say it sounds good right about now. Heh.

Well. What's everyone been up to? Cloud, Sora, Riku, Roxas? Good people of Vortexx? Gen, Mia, Haruhi Commander, Elena-chan, and...Tifa? I haven't heard from you all in a while. Hope you've all been well.

Hmm. Dark Link, you behaving?

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[Semi-Private // Hackable]Collapse )

Well, well~ Just because we've had some departures lately doesn't me the BAND will be impeded~ 8D

Riku-chan, Roxas~~~ ♥

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Make a comment and list some things you're thankful for! Anything will do.

It's a little early for the holiday, but you can never be too early to give thanks~ 8D ♥

I for one, am thankful to have gotten a second chance at living been here and met you all~ We've had some rough times here, but unlike most of you, I don't really have a home world to return to. This place is my home now, and I have to be thankful for having met all of you. ♥~

Cloud, Aeris, Elena-chan, Riku, Roxas, Micchan, Na-chan, Gen, anyone else I may have missed: thank you all for being such great friends to me after all this time. ♥ ♥ ♥

Also! I'm thankful for those of our friends that got to go home. Hope they're happy wherever they are!

That's all for now. 8D Do participate, everyone~! It's okay to be sentimental sometimes~

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Yes, that's it. The results are in~! 8D Your local boy band will be called:


Coming to a random place to sing near you. 8Db

Rikuuuuuu-chaaaaaaaan~~ Kadaaaaaj~~~ ♥ Did you two find any suitable bandmates to add in~? Or should I just have Micchan design your costumes outfits first~? [grin]

[edit] FOR YOUR FUTURE REFERENCE! Here's a list of your soon-to-be idols~~


I hope to lead you all to fame, glory, and a wonderful career of horrible music~ ♥

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Poll #1078830 BOY BAND NAMES.

Our band needs a name~

Zackstreet Boyz
Boys of Fair

Or: Suggestions? :D

Mm~ And Cloud, you still owe me a DATE. Don't think I forgot. ♥ Let's go explore that creepy mansion. You can cling to me if you get scared~ [grin]

[[ooc: This is probably by far the weirdest thing I've ever done here, LULZ. FORGIVE ME FOR THESE NAMES. XDD. MIKI AND I WIN.]]

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I've figured out what this world lacks! 8D Excitement! Loud, shiny costumes (kind of)! Group organized dancing! Really bad music! Of course, that could only mean one thing. :D


To poorly serenade your problems away. ♥


We can have a poll for band names after this. 8D In the meantime, anyone got any suggestions~?


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I believe it is now appropriate to point out that just because you CAN kill someone, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Pain and suffering makes the world go 'round, sure, but hurting others around you is just rather regretful. Lives are things to be saved, not destroyed.

That aside, may you all enjoy bountiful days of snowfights and general early winter days. :D

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